Sunday, July 17, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 6 Story 2) DFO Southwharf, Melbourne

While walking to DFO, the strong wind remains, with rain. Can't imagine how strong is the wind? Look at my broken umbrella below. No wonder I see a lot of people use no umbrella on the street. This must be not new to the locals.

Almost immediately if I can go into a building, we went into the convention center to walk to DFO.

Too cold outside and I have no mood to take picture of DFO. I have no desire to take shop photo, so just food photo on the following.

My lunch at the food court, Japanese rice at AUD 8.80 for two dishes.

In the evening, the wind is still strong, but fortunately it stop raining. While walking back to backpacker house, we take a quick dinner when pass by a Japanese restaurant.

The bento at AUD 9.2, and another AUD 2.20 for a bowl of miso soup.

We have been joking a lot at night, go to Melbourne take so many Japanese meal, 去墨尔本吃日本餐 :p Well, it was a very cold day, I hope to get some hot food and rice. Hopefully tomorrow will be good weather!

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