Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 3 Story 3) Bridestowe Lavendar Farm

After a few hours country ride, we finally reached Bridestowe Lavendar Farm. The blooming month is Jan. Oct might not be a best timing if you wish to see the full blooming farm. However, Sep/Oct is the best time for tulips, so nothing is perfect, no single timing is perfect :)

I believe it will be a very nice scenery when it is full of purple blooming lavendar :)

The souvenir store. A repeating video telling the story and history of this farm.

I really love lavendar I get a bottle of essential oil here. I like its smell better than the other brand. How can I buy some after finish mine? *thinking*

For my own record :p the lavender drop is AUD 5.50, 25ml essential oil is AUD 29.95, culinary lavendar is AUD 8.50 with the herbs is AUD 7.95.

We took our lunch here.

A lavendar scones at AUD 6, wrap at AUD 6, and a nice coffee.
A nice place to have lunch with nice scenery :)

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