Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Penang Chinese New Year Reunion Celebration 2010

Happy Chap Goh Meh! If you wish to celebrate with the crowd, how about event above with few artist and Penang government? From the link, there will be taiwanese celebrities including the popular rock duo Y2J, Cindy Wu and Genie . In addition, MYFM DJs and local celebrities including Danell Lee, Thomas & Jack, Astro Star Quest’s Alvin, Juztin Lan Kah Fai and Ah Yoke as well as the Astro Battleground Dancers “Katoon Network”. I was there on Feb 27 evening. We reached there around 8pm+. We first went to the Night Bazaar for light dinner, then esplanade hawker center for another round of light dinner :p (I will share more about this in other post).

After that, we head to the field for the concert. Since it was around 10.30pm when we were there, we missed quite a few singer and the dance. At that time, Thomas & Jack were performing. Oh before that, the weather was hot even though it was 10.30pm+. Luckily Digi was distributing free fan. Guang Ming and China press were giving away free newspaper as well.

The stage setup.

The projected screen at both side were not showing any live video for audience further away but this:

The crowd:

Genie 卓文萱 and the DJ. Each performer will give away two mandarin oranges after his/her performance. They signed on it and throw to the audience.

Danell 李吉汉

Y2J 神目与瞳 perform their song 为你而活,草戒指 and not sure the song title with 守护者.

Every performer will go to the audience floor to shake hand with them. Oh Initially the entrance requires RM 12, but then after certain amount of time, since the floor is so empty, the gate was opened to all, and I guess audience with ticket got the chance to be in front on the stage, and got chance to shake hand with the artist.

After all performance, all artist will go up to the stage for group photo.

The photo are a bit blur, that is the best my Canon G3 can do :) Unless I really want to squeeze myself as close to the fence as possible :p

The event ended at 11.30pm. There will be another similar on Feb 28 Sunday. There were little garbage on the floor as below, actually not a lot. Compared to 8TV summer concert I attended few years ago, there is huge improvement. For the latter event, almost the whole field were covered by newspaper and empty water bottle. Hopefully there will be zero garbage soon.

元宵节快乐!Happy Chap Goh Meh!

*Life has been just busy during CNY, hopefully to post more frequent. Stay tune ;)

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