Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bone health check

In conjunction with my workplace health week program, Anlene setup a free bone health check counter at the exhibition booth. In order to perform the check, the testee first need to fill up some information e.g. name and age, he/she then need to take off one shoe (and sock) and put that leg onto a machine. That little machine looks similar to an Osim foot massager. The tester will key in some information which I guess is age, then spray some water on your ankle, which will be intact with the machine when the check start. Wait for a while, then remove the leg. The machine will show the result.

The greater the number, the better it is. I remembered my last year reading was 1.x, this year is 2.3. Although I am not really sure how accurate the result is, but at least there is some improvement ;)

What did I do for the past year? Sleep earlier, be happier, less meat, minimal dairy product (I don't drink milk), more fruits and vegetables :)


Aik-Shuen said...

Not to mention exercise :D

NG YIH YOUNG said...

tat day my friend help me to test on my body fat, vFat and blood sugar level too, he quote i am ok wor, i just remember my blood sugar (fasting) is 3.8/3.9. Doc MK, this reading ok arr?

mk said...

Oh ya, why I forgot about exercise haha :D

Lou Yong, I am not doctor la, if I am one I will not charge your consultation fee ever :D usually is <5.6 will be okay. I remembered I used to have around 3.x reading and doctor (real doctor) said it is consider low at the normal reading range, so I think should be ok also.

Austin said...
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