Monday, February 1, 2010

Take care

Island Hospital is sort of a well known hospital in Penang, beside its medication quality service and also slightly higher price. Besides, there are few hospital as well e.g Gleneagles, Adventist and etc.

I recently visited Island and Adventist for a medical check up. I have different thoughts on these two hospitals after my visit. First of all, this is just my personal experience, it may vary depending on the doctor you visit. Secondly, things changed, the story could be different after few weeks/months/years.

Island HospitalAdventist
Registration (RM)5-
Doctor consultation (RM)4060
Procedure (RM)3050 + 65 (using scanning machine)
Total (RM)75175
Quality of Service (Most importantly)Dr E is very friendly, talk in gentle way to calm patient's mind. He gave appropriate advice to monitor the status, instead of pushing patient for operation.Dr C is quite friendly but talk in a way of 'threaten' patient for operation. (E.g. you are covered by insurance, don't worry about money")

Choose your doctor wisely. I heard from other friend, some hospital in Penang started to charge unreasonably due to insurance medical card coverage. I do not think that should be the way, it will indirectly cause the insurance premium to be more and more expensive. And some more, where is the doctor ethic?

Oh by the way, don't worry about me, it was a normal gynecology check up and the result is well. I just would like to create more awareness among public to seek for second opinion and don't just rely on doctor says, it's OUR BODY!

If you can spend 1 hour test drive a car, can you also spend 1 hour for your own body health? If you will ask thousands of questions before buying a house, can you also ask thousands of questions when discussing your health status with the doctor?

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