Saturday, February 13, 2010

马后炮 'ma hao pao'

If you know cantonese, 马后炮 (in cantonese read as 'ma hao pao') means someone said something meaningless after the occasion. For example, you decided to go for a vacation, a friend of you know about it but say nothing. When you return, you mentioned the place is not nice and not worth the trip. Then that friend suddenly say "I know it, that place is not worth to visit, only you will go". That is called 马后炮, not giving advice up front but after it happened.

I have this feeling after I read a post from When the issue is hot, where is that dearest Mister? He hardly comment at that time. When the issue was settle down, only started to say something. No offense but my personal view is that his word is so hollow. Is BN support figure really raise? Who did the survey? Again, no offense, just some logical question to ask, before believe in anything politician say.

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