Friday, February 12, 2010

The color of the phlegm 痰的颜色

Remember the song The Color Of The Wind? It is a nice song. Did you ever know the color of the phlegm also carry certain meaning to reflect our body health status?

A common Chinese understanding is that it will indicate your body is Cold 寒or Hot 热气. Recently I read a traditional chinese medicine book bought from Beijing, phlegm may not produce in only lung but also other organ of our body, e.g. stomach. The color indicates the origin of the phlegm, then you will know which organ is working or in trouble (I'd lend the book to a friend, I will put more details when I get it back). When I google for more information, there are different explanation by different body.

I am not sure how accurate is the information, I am not a medical practioner nor scientist, be skeptical with the information and see if it sounds logical to you :)

English link:

Chinese link:

How much do you know about Moon? How much do you know about your own body?
How much do you know about people surrounding you? How much do you know about yourself?

We know very less how our body works (I don't think no one in the current world know exactly all. If there is, there will be no cancer. Cancer is a disease which we do not know how to cure effectively yet.) If we don't even know our own body, please don't expect you will know other people mind, and don't expect other people can read your mind all the times ;) By this, there will be less quarrel and life will be happier :D 我不祈求别人100%懂我,因为我自己也不100%懂我自己 :D

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