Friday, February 5, 2010

Fresh Shitake Mushroom by Agro Bio-Future Gunung Jerai

Fresh mushroom can be hardly find in Malaysia last time. In recent, it is easier to find in grocery store. I just got to know there is also mushroom plantation at Gunung Jerai, Kedah. The mushroom is freshly pick and pack. It taste good :D

According to the seller, using packaging below, it can be kept for around 1 month inside fridge, although it might become more dry eventually.

The packet (if not mistaken is 500g) cost RM 17.50. Smaller packet is RM 5 at 150g.

Website of Agro Bio-Future


skypaul said...

这公司的幕后老板是Mr. Yoon。过去安捷伦的资深老大哥。

mk said...


wang jia ying said...


mk said...

wang jia ying, 不好意思我不清楚呢。我相信你可以去他们的网站联络他们,我看到右下角有联络电话,或许也可以尝试看看。