Sunday, February 7, 2010

The making of fried ribbon biscuit

If you are not sure what is ribbon biscuit we usually called in Penang, pictures below will help :D

If we buy the ready biscuit, it usually cost around RM 13-18 per bottle, depending on the size. When I passed by Sunshine wet market, there was a store selling the raw ribbon biscuit skin from SP. SH said SP ribbon biscuit is famous, so I bought a packet to try out :D

Ladies and gentlemen, is now proudly present: The making of fried ribbon biscuit. Please give your round applause.

*sweat* I must be too tie with work, till coming out such cold joke :p (Hopefully you were not clapping also, or else you might be like me, tie with some work :p )

Anyhow, let's start.

Cut the skin into around 1.5cm width. For the skin I bought, it is approximate to 8 cuts which are marked dotted line below.

After that, cut there line in the middle as the right skin in picture below. You may use knife or scissors, up to your most efficient way to cut all of them ;) It is always good to cut with 2 skin together, we are going to fold it to become that in the left of the picture, thus if both are cut together, it will be easier to fold and looks nicer too.

To fold, turn one side into the middle line, as below:

Then pull it gently.

Make it into nice shape. We are ready to fry the skin now.

There are few tips on how to fry something well, I afraid I have to share those in other post other day. The final product.

One packet of skin cost RM 6, 500g, which resulted below.

I tasted, it is really nicer than other ribbon biscuit out there, softer yet crispy ;)
Drooling? Hehe. Happy CNY :D


sock peng said...

hungry lah
give me a piece ~~~

**Shih Nyien** said...

Will I have a chance to try? :)

mk said...

SP I will bring some tonite :D
SN, I will try to keep some :D

Donavan Shum said...


skypaul said...


mk said...

skypaul,我恐怕需要多做了,好受欢迎,嘻嘻 :D如果我有多做,一定收一些。

Unknown said...


mk said...

不好意思我最近比较忙。新年也过了才回复你。如果你住在槟城可以在Sunshine 菜市场买到,在菜市场卖杂货的档口。
我同事Sungai Petani有一家饼皮很好很出名,有些sunshine菜市场的杂货档口有卖,你下次可以问问老板是否是SP的。