Friday, March 5, 2010

Cold joke of the day

Would like to share a forwarded 'cold joke' :) No offense, just a forwarded joke.

What do I get for paying toll everyday? (Especially those staying in KL)

Now I have to pay an extra RM50 for each credit card. For what? To remind myself to trade using credit card wisely? This is like telling me teacher will deduct 20 marks from my result to remind me to get higher mark next time.

Extra GST (goods and services tax). Again, how does that benefit me as a resident?

Look at the long list:

- I have to pay for security guards because the police are hopeless. Oh yes, someone claimed the criminal fixing rate is improving, but has he compare that figure with criminal growth rate?
- I have to install filters because the water supply is dirty.
- I have to watch satellite tv because the government broadcasts crap. And yet the satellite TV subscription fee increased dramatically.
- Many kids have to go for tuition or to private schools because the government schools are bad. Some teacher even do not teach and tell the student to go tuition.
- We have to pay IPPs (independent power providers) because the government cannot provide consistent electricity.
- We have to pay Indah Water to clean up the sewers.
- We have to pay tax on foreign cars because someone wants to keep the dying local car industry alive.
- Most have to drive because the government cannot provide good public transport. Tell me how rapid is the rapid system.
- We have pay for an additional loading/ All rider for any old vehicle and old Motor Bike Insurance Cover as compulsory now.
- We have to pay to sustain the government's affirmative action policies.
- We have to pay for private health care because the public hospitals are slow and crowded. Although sometimes it is not crowded, but emergency case still take hours to be attended.

All in all, we have to pay a PREMIUM to stay in this country!


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