Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Family Seafood House, Air Itam 亚依淡合家欢海鲜煮炒屋

Have you ever eat stir fried Kuih Chap粿汁? Yes, stir fried. SH brought us to Air Itam Happy Family Seafood House to try out the fried Kuih Chap, it is nearby Penang Hill foot hill.

Parking could be a bit harder, park at the roadside or in front of the restaurant. We need to cross a bridge to reach the half open space restaurant. There is life band on weekend eve and weekend. I went on monday night, thus missed the band performance.

Look at the longan drink, tasted very good and contains so many longan, RM 1.20 per cup.

The barley drink also has a lot of big barley, RM 1.2o per cup.

Tomyam seafood. RM 32. Half of our table doesn't like it, it is too sour they felt.

Fried kai lan vege @ RM 10, quite nice, although it is just a normal dish, but can feel that the chef is good :)

Nice Guinness Stout Chicken @ RM 15. Must try. I seldom eat meat but I can't stop for this :D

Huge pork leg @ RM 30. Highly recommended by the waiter. Must try for pork leg lover.

Fried Kuih Chap @ RM 13. Oh it doesn't looks nice in picture, my poor camera phone. But trust me, you will like this ;)

Stir fried Kam Heong Clam 甘香 kappa @ RM 10. I think taste more like Curry Kappa.

Tempted to try the fried Kuih Chap? Here is the direction:
Add: 32C, Jalan Taman Cantik, 11500 Penang.
Tel: 013-4306988

It is nearby 妙香林 temple.

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