Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hike Penang Hill

It has been almost a year I've not hike Penang hill. So this time AS chosen an easier trail due to the request of few of us :p We use the jungle path of Youth Park -> No 3 -> No 5 -> No 84.

The city is in haze or polluted? I hope my readers can contribute to save our mother earth also, less air cond, more car pool, and 3R.

The weather has been too hot, some of the tree were burnt.

Toilet and resting hut can be found at both No 3 and No 5. At these hut, there are a lot of monkeys, watch out for your food and belonging. After No 5, I took a piece of banana quickly, and few monkeys came just right after I finish it. Luckily I throw the banana skin before they reached *whew* There was once KH pointed a monkey mommy with the monkey baby on his way down using tar road, the monkey daddy then chased KH and gang till they have to run down and hurt the knee *whew*.

First time seeing this kind of fungus.

KH pointed out the colorful pakis (fern) leave. This fern is in blue/green shining color, depending on the light source angle. It doesn't turn out nice in picture, hike Penang Hill to see it with your eyes :D

No 84 hut.

First time seeing MPPP worker to clear the road. They use a blower to blow the leave to the roadside, to clean the road.

Just realized the hawker center in front of Botanical Garden has moved and new project is going on. We shall see what is the new building then.

Things changed, so I wish to capture while possible,before it fade in memory :)


BH said...

Haha...if you hike every week, then you will be able to see MPPP workers blowing the dry leaves every week :P
New botanical garden soon? Don't think so as the progress was wayyy to slow...

mk said...

*chuckle* I never see that last year although I hike every two weeks, maybe due to usually take cable car down :D

Sigh, 2020 will become 2050 also then? :p