Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Earth Hour Mar 27, 8.30pm -> Light off

If you can support to switch off your lights on Mar 27 (this Sat) 8.30pm for one hour.
If you can't, it is okay, more importantly is the awareness on global warming and practice energy saving in your daily life!


NG YIH YOUNG said...

ah boon wedding dinner at 5pm-10pm, shall we ask him to light off for an hour? hahaha..

mk said...

haha. romantic woh :p

**Shih Nyien** said...

Although I don know your fren, but I remember last year in Spore somebody did that, with the coorperation from the hotel. B4 the event, the hotel will light up the candles on the table, I forgot what they did in the 1 hr time but I think can arrange the jing jiu or speech during that time, hehe, romantics also :)

mk said...

I missed it due to You-know-what event ;)
Will ask him next gathering if he did that :p I also read newspaper that some restaurant actually switch off lights and provide candle.