Friday, August 7, 2009

Another roasted duck in Beijing for last dinner

It's Friday :) Let's relax with some roast duck from Beijing :D

Before we left, we went to 全鸭季Duck de Chine for last dinner in Beijing. Similar to Da Dong roasted duck, they provide wrapper and biscuit for the duck also. Here how those looks like:

My personal preference, I prefer Da Dong's, because Da Dong's wrapper is thinner, its biscuit is thinner and more crispy, its duck meat and dip sauce are better in taste, its duck skin is more crispy :) Well, I guess it summarizes the food in picture above :p

Nevertheless, some dishes here are quite nice. From top left, in clockwise direction:

1) Mongolian mutton - This taste good, really, it really taste good.
2) Scallop - Hmm, ok lar :p
3) Tofu and vege soup - Special.
4) Belly pork meat - Although the oil layer is quite thick, but surprisingly it doesn't taste oily, and in fact very nice :)

Have a nice weekend ahead friend.

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