Friday, August 14, 2009

俏江南South Beauty @ Beijing

This restaurant is recommended by other colleague, and since it has quite good review online among other Beijing food, so here we are. The restaurant environment is good. With less word, it shown in picture below :) This is the first time I see more special table settings like not so typical napkin fold, although I don't know the fold name :p

One of the dishes we ordered is beef cook in oil. Looking at pic below, the top right corner is the raw beef, while the waitress is cooking it in oil (yes only oil, which is around 200 deg C) before serving it to us. Look at bottom right picture, that is oil, not soup :D So the restaurant will provide few pieces of bread, when you eat, put the beef on the bread to get rid some of the oil first.

The rest of the food we ordered. The hedgehog-like bread is not as tasty at Shang Hai Ding outside of Queensbay Penang (There are good food in Penang too :D ). The vermicille tasted not bad. Because of camera macro feature, the portion looks big but in fact it is just 1 small bowl for single serving. The pork rib is special and quite nice. Then follow by the delicious bitter gourd soup :D

For mushroom soup below, it doesn't looks big in picture but in fact it is in very big bowl :D It looks delicious isn't it? But actually the bitter gourd soup taste much better, surprised eh ;)

Before end, the actual pork rib and the bread with left over oil :p

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