Sunday, August 9, 2009

Le Petit Gourmand, Beijing

Look at picture below, would you think it is a library?

It's a French restaurant called Le Petit Gourmand. The restaurant is full with books rack, with systematic book organization using book title. Well, their food is nice too, let's take a look :)

1) Fresh and huge portion salad.
2) Nice mushroom soup, fresh mushroom taste and creamy.
3) Seafood platter. The sauce is special.
4) Beef soup.

Above is couscous with meat and vegetable soup. It is special but not my cup of 'rice' :p

The left is chocolate Opera is nice I think. It melted in mouth, but can feel the caramel layer.
Guess what is the dessert at the right? I can't remember the name :p Stiff beat egg white on custard. Until our last bite only we realize the sweetness come from egg white but not custard.

Feeling hungry? Get something to eat ;) Some Beijing food?


Gaik Ling said...

hey, so where is this restaurant locate?

mk said...

Beijing. I will update the post title :D

**Shih Nyien** said...

I want the chocolate cake :p

mk said...

hehe should be able to find chocolate opera in spore also?