Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally home :)

It's so good to be home, tasted the hokkien mee, few durian fleshes; don't have to rush to apply lotion after dinner; don't have to cover my nose while walking on the street. But of course I will missed Beijing too, it is so organized especially transportation and parks.

I received a lot of question if I need to be quarantine. Well, according to company travel policy, Beijing China is not a critical area and I don't need to be. In fact, I felt it is safer in Beijing in terms of H1N1.

At Beijing capital airport, most officer have face mask on, especially those have direct contact with flyers. But in KLIA, I didn't see any officer wearing face mask.

Maybe China learnt from SARS case and really take a lot of steps. From online news, I read Malaysia government is taking action for long too, but just I didn't see it, yet.

All my friends/readers, take care, healthy is our own responsibility but nobody else.


Connie said...

I want to go home too! >_<

mk said...

Come back for vacation then :)

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