Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunset today

A sunset picture taken from my room today, nice isn't it. The cloud line and its color, divide the sky into half. It has been raining very frequently since I reached Penang, so lucky to see this when I need it.

Before I left hometown for study last time, I always like to sit in front of the house, catch the daytime green, evening sunset and starry night. It calms one mind.

Staying in Penang, I sometimes like to stand in front of the balcony to take a look at outside world, to relax, calm down and give myself a short break. From my room in Penang, I can see very little green, no starry night at all thus far, but so lucky to get a nice sunset today, like it is telling me, there is always hope in our life, don't give up.

Here is how it looks like after few minutes.

Look at the cloud shape, it changed :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, there is always hope in our life, don't give up.



mk said...

Thank you :)

**Shih Nyien** said...

I like to do that when I was in the same room, I enjoy the view a lot :) Sometimes can see full moon although not starry night. Such a familiar view :D

mk said...

Started to miss Penang? ;)
I am yet to see full moon from this room, will try :)

Anonymous said...

It will always have a new hope in coming new days, all depend how you see that, happy people will always see sunny day.. gambateh.... :)

Pang Pang..