Monday, August 10, 2009

Sureno @ The opposite house, Beijing

If you have been to Penang G-hotel, you might probably impressed by its lobby. If you have not know, G hotel is a boutique hotel. It's my first time to hear the term boutique hotel when I first stepped into The Opposite House. For more information on the hotel design, room design and room rate, please visit their website. The room rate can fluctuate from RMB 2k to 5k per night depending on the season *sweat*.

There are few things impressed me:
1. The hotel staffs are friendly, they introduce their hotel concept, design and room decoration to all guest either diner or hotel guest. They think everyone is their potential customer in the future :)
2. The hotel is nicely decorated, with a lots of art deco. The hotel lobby looks more like living room :)
3. It doesn't looks commercial hotel but more like apartment :)

After that, the hotel staff bring us to the restaurant.

From right to left, bottom to top:
1) Mushroom risotto. Quite nice.
2) The best pizza I'd ever eaten. The crust is so thin and crispy :) The only food that will make me revisit the restaurant.
3) Wagyu beef, we think it taste normal only :p Maybe we do not know how to appreciate wagyu beef.
4) Seafood soup. The seafood is separately cook with the tomato soup base. So there is very less seafood taste in the soup, which make us think it is not complete :)

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