Sunday, August 16, 2009

Snow beer of Church Street Cafe @ Penang

It's time to catch up with friends after my self-quarantine ended for the Beijing trip. SY recommended to go Church Street Cafe for snow beer. In fact only the guys can drink but the girls are curious to see what is snow beer, hence the gathering on Saturday night :)

What is a snow beer? I tried google 'snow beer penang' and saw some of the information. You may do so if you are interested. I spend less than a minute to glance throught the information, not really interested to know the details :p

Here is how a snow beer looks like. Can you see the bubble? When it is first served, the whole glass is white and full of bubble, maybe that's why the name of snow. After a while, the bubble will slowly gone, and the beer restored. Oh when you read the menu, you will not see any item which is stated snow beer. After KH explained, only the girls understand there are few type of beer ( I forgot the term, the beer with bitter taste) can be served as snow beer.

The girls shared two cup of beer, anchor on the left (it's easy to recogzine, anchor will sink more :p ) and the more bitter tiger on the right.

Besides beer and liquor, there is a snooker/pool/darts provided too. We were there early, for dinner and beer.

I missed Satay, surprisingly it taste very good. If the gravy is thicker will be even better :D I am so happy to see so many onion and cucumber are provided too :D

The spaghetti is not disappointing, cheese powder are provided by default, to save your time for asking :) The chicken gordon bleu is the last picture.

We were there from 7pm until 11.50pm, almost 5 hours :) That's old friend, non-stop chatting when meet up :)


sock peng said...


CK Cheng said...

wait till the next gathering and we shall continue to chat :)


mk said...

Yaya, wait till next gathering, which should be very soon due to CH and ST :D

sock peng said...


mk said...

看到了,谢谢 :D

Calvyn said...

i know ppl use to use this method to drink beer, but over there is a bit special, really can feel the snow :D

mk said...

Calvyn, seems like you like it too :) I am not very into beer/alcohol but I wish to try the drought beer again :)