Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sai Gon @ Beijing

If you know there is one Sai Gon at E-Gate Penang, there is one Sai Gon in Beijing too. Both of them selling Vietnamese food.

I falled in love with pho (Vietnamese noodle similar to kuey teow) when I first tasted it in US. Ever since then, I couldn't find any that satisfying, mostly is because of the noodle. The one I had in US is kind of 'chewy' ('QQ' in Hokkien) but the rest I'd tasted here in Malaysia and Beijing are not. Well, there could be possibility that the one I'd had in US is localized, but I love those :p If I ever have a chance to go to Vietname, then will know the original Vietnamese pho :D

Here are what we'd tasted:

1) The rice paper spring roll. Unfortunately the sauce is not good, or else this could be very nice :)
2) Stir fried sliced beef with chillie, taste good.
3) Papaya salad, I think it taste good also. Probably can try to make some one day :D

For the pho, we ordered two. One is beef and one is vegetable. You can tell which is which from the picture, it is very obvious isn't ;) As for the vegetables, I am a bit disappointed not seeing basil. I think a good taste pho must have basil unique taste to make it more fragrant. The top most sauce is fish sauce, just pour into the pho. Oh well, Vietnam and Thai fish sauce are in good quality and always make the dishes more fragrant. I am a bit surprised the chilli sauce taste good too :)

This restaurant has the highest feedback score in in terms of Vietnamese food. The waitress said some competitor tried to copy their menu, so I was stopped by them when I would like to take the menu photo to capture what I'd ordered. Well, I told them I am from Malaysia and the answer was a lot of other people did try whatever way to 'steal' their menu, it indirectly means they don't trusted me and I was not allowed to take more photo on the menu. Hmm, should have not speak so well Mandarin but Malay language instead ;p

Enjoy Beijing food? ;)


Connie said...

Look delicious. I wan to try next time. =)

mk said...

:D Can find Vietnamese food in spore?

Connie said...

Yes. But not sure which restaurant served the best Vietnamese food... hehehe..

mk said...

Got online review? Or try one by one :D