Saturday, August 29, 2009

大笨象西餐厅 The Elephant Restaurant @ Beijing

Near Ritan日坛, there is a Russian food street俄罗斯美食街. Before we leave, we make our first visit here :) Almost the last hunt of Beijing food :)

We went to above mentioned restaurant, as it has quite favorable review. You may find some Beijing food review on: (C) (E)

Same direction for all pictures below, start from top left, clockwise.

1) "Shouba" Style Herring Salad - This is special. The texture is soft indeed. Frankly, we have no idea what is the ingredient, but it taste just nice.
2) Mint cocktail - As the name says, mint, not surprising but not disappointing.
3) Coffee cocktail - On top is a layer of liquor, the waiter will light up the liquor, then the diner will have to finish the whole cup of drink a.s.a.p. using straw. It's a very small cup, but the liquor effect will come few minutes after *chuckle* my colleague who ordered this turn into tomato red after a while. For sure I won't try, I don't want to sleep in the restaurant after get drunk :p
4) Borscht soup 红菜汤 - It looks like Kim Gary's Borscht soup, but the taste is much better. It really has beet root in it. I always like Borscht soup, found some recipe online and will try to cook some one day (Yes, one day :p)

1) Ukraine style stewed beef - The beef is tender, and the taste is good too. But I still prefer Morel's :)
2) Meat roll - That's the drawback of not writing blog as fast as I can, I forgot what meat is that :p
3) Chicken with mashed potato - Nice.
4) Sorry I forgot what is this. If not mistaken is beef.

1) Fried bun with custard- strongly recommended by the waiter, it is good in such a way that no oily taste, soft but crispy skin. Dip with condensed milk.
2) Fried calamarie ring - Meet our expectation :) The flour coating is not too thick.

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