Saturday, August 15, 2009

埃塞俄比亚 Ras Ethiopian Cuisine @ Beijing

Wondered how is ethiopian food looks like in Beijing? You must not missed this post :D

If not mistaken, this is the only Ethiopian cuisine in Beijing, or if not, it is the first one. Here is the restaurant outlook.

The shop is decorated by an artist, thus the environment is very nicely decorated.

Guess where is the chair and table? The answer will be revealed later :)

We ordered the 'platter' set, which consist of few different kind of Ethiopian food and bread. Flipping through the menu, besides beef/mutton, there are a lot of vegetable choices as well.

The waitress are friendly and spend quite some time to explain Ethiopian food to us. First, they put a very big piece of bread on the table. I hope now you have better idea what is a Ethiopian dining table :D Then hold a roll of bread in such a way that you can roll it and tear pieces easily (I am not superb to figure these on my own, the waitress taught us :p ). Like the hand on the left of the picture. Then use the bread to take the food and eat it, as shown by the hand in the middle of the picture :D

The bread are provided free flow, but you stomach will filled very fast if you eat too much bread. So we conclude that for Malaysian appetite, it is best to have at least 4 persons to finish the set, or you will be 'super' full like we did. On the table, there were beef, mutton, vegetables and dhal. We finally finished the food. Now you understand why my appetite increased after back to Penang. To a Beijinger, my appetite is still considered small haha.

Not forgot to mention, Ethiopian tea taste is special in my opinion :)

This is the picture taken from second floor of the restaurant. If you notice the table at the right, that is our table. We were too full and went to walk around inside the restaurant. Maybe you will wonder the restaurant looks empty. In fact, there were few customers at the other side and outside too.

A very unique switch for...

ceiling fan which is still working.

There are also a lot of nice umbrellas on the ceiling.

As according to the cashier, Ethiopian use these umbrella when they go to church.

Fun Beijing food hunting :D


**Shih Nyien** said...

This is unique. How do u like the food? Seems like mamak food to me: roti canai + mamak dishes :p

mk said...

If I remembered correctly, there are 10 types of dishes. I don't like 3 dishes. In short, I like 70% of it :D Although it looks like mamak dish, but except the dhal, the rest are not mamak style.

The 'roti' is not 'canai' :p the texture and taste are totally different.

How nice if there is camera to capture food taste and smell :D