Sunday, January 31, 2010

Air plants

Guess what are these?

Yes, as the title said, these are two different type of air plants I recently bought. The first one at RM 15 (including RM 2 for the shell), the second at RM 33. For the latter, it has around 5 small plants, which I can then tug individually to other location :D

Visit these site for more details:


The nice flower. It has been blooming for more than 2 weeks :D

If not mistaken, it is called Tillandsia. The 'pup' is coming out at the center below :D

I am waiting for the second plant to bloom, hopefully can get something like this ;)

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ethereal said...

hi! may i know where you bought your tilandsias from>??

mk said...

Hello. I bought them from a floral shop opposite of Komtar, at Jalan Magazine Penang.