Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amazing Nibong Tebal trip (14) 99 Door Mansion

After lunch, we went to our last stop, the 99 Door Mansion. It was previously government property. However, it is now private after someone bought the whole piece of land for palm tree plant. The tour guide has to contact the farm keeper to open the door for us. I believe he need to pay some small amount of money to let us visit it.

We drove into the farm. The mansion was name in such a way because it has in total 99 doors and windows. After years, it is now left 65. It was built in 185x, by the British when they setup the colony here. It was used as an army base station. During world war II when Japanese came, the Japanese took over the building. After years, the building was not maintained, the termite occupied the place now.

Look at the staircase, so unique. Going upstairs is a grand ballroom. However, the entrance is closed due to termite. Before it deteriorate, some TV program producer visited this mansion and produce some documentary film. SS watch it in Astro documentary channel before. The tour guide mentioned he show the place to a TV program producer from Singpore too.

The indian farm keeper used to live in one of the room.

See, the termite.

The local residents did feedback to government on this building existence. However, no action was being taken to restore the building.

Lastly, we heading back to Penang. Maybe some of you travel across Penang bridge everyday. But I just can't stop taking picture of it with such nice cloud :)

Thanks to the trip organizers and the drivers :D

The End.


Yi Yang 毅阳 said...

end of the series? :)

mk said...

Yes :) Another series will be showing soon :)

b0olaT said...

where i can find this mansion??

Unknown said...

This mansion is located on Byram Estate (Ladang Byram) that is off Jalan Byram in Nibong Tebal.

Unknown said...

This mansion is found somewhere off Jalan Byram, in a plantation called Ladang Byram/Byram Estate.