Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amazing Nibong Tebal trip (6) Breakfast

On the next day, the tour guide brought us to Restaurant 珍珠餐馆 for breakfast. He said there are more choices in this restaurant.

By looking at parking information below, can you guess when you need to pay and how much? It was Sunday morning, so I guess it should be free parking.

The egg tart. The skin is crispy, quite nice also. Oops, the photo is a bit blur, still under probation period using my sister camera.

Pork porridge 猪什粥. RG said it is quite nice, but he like the one in Macalister Road Penang better.

Mee Jawa. KN said the gravy is not thick enough and it taste so so.

The Hokkien prawn noodle I ordered. I was surprised the portion and price is the same with Penang. However, it taste slightly different, but I like Penang one better :p No bias here, I felt the soup is a bit like maggie instant noodle additive taste :p

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