Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 1 Story 4) Phillip Island Visitor Information Center

From San Remo, just cross a small bridge and we reached Phillip Island. No toll charges is needed. After around 1km, we saw visitor information center on our left.

If the center is not open, you may try your luck with the information board for information.

The staff in the center are very friendly. Besides, souvenir are sold in most of the visitor center I visited in this trip. If you have nature call, you may find restroom in visitor center as well :)

In this trip, I also found a lot of different kind of flora. This is the first one :)

Visitor can purchased park pass from any of the visitor center in Phillip Island. Online ticketing is available as well. If you are traveling during peak season, it is advised to purchase online to avoid disappointment. YHA membership can enjoy 20% discount. Unfortunately, one need to show the YHA membership card to enjoy the discount, thus one need to pay in full for online ticketing. However, 3 park pass can be purchased only from visitor center from Churchill Island, Penguin Parade or Koala Conservation Center. We then heading to Churchill Island. We were lucky to travel on weekday, that 3 park pass can be upgraded to Penguin Plus ticket when we purchased the ticket at around 4pm. It cost AUD 95.20 for 2 tickets, after 20% discount.

Each of us were given a map, voucher for MP4 player for penguin parade illustration information and a voucher for one cup of beverage in Penguin Parade visitor center.

Browse Phillip Island official website for details:

Phillip Island information and ticketing details

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