Monday, November 22, 2010

Melbourne, here I am coming

If you recognized this blog header picture changes, you might probably guess what I am going to share :)

Stop looking back on what make me fly to Melbourne , I took an Air Asia domestic flight from Penang to KL and it took off on time. The company I worked for is under my foot.The Penang bridge that I always travel back to hometown is tiny as a rope, then it slowly disappear. Here I come, 11D10N Melbourne and Tasmania holiday :D

Air Asia visitor to Melbourne are advised to reach LCCT check-in counter 3 hours before depart, due to Australia government certain requirement (I forgot what is the details though :p). Due to the same reason as well, web check-in was not allowed up to the day I am flying. You may start imagine how long is the queue. I waited around 1 hour to reach my turn.


Found something funny from the ticket above? Gotcha, that is the ticket from Melbourne to KL :p I just wish to show Air Asia X boarding pass :) Beside, if you pre-ordered meal, it shall be printed on your boarding pass, maybe it is BXBD,MEXA. If you have pre-ordered meal but no code were printed, be sure to verify upon check-in. The flyers sit behind me pre-ordered meal but it was not printed, thus they have to pay again for meal, then claim back from Air Asia office after touch down, extra work to do.

After checked-in, we took dinner at Marry Brown before take off.

Sometimes it could be true that chain restaurant/fast-food taste better in KL. The nasi lemak taste good, the salad is nice. But it was a bit hard to wash my hand there. The basin was too deep inside.

It is a Boeng normal Air Bus plane, nothing special. Luckily the head rest is adjustable.

In this 7.5 hours flight, 2 round of food will be served. First time is after the flight take off, the second time is before it touch down. Pre-ordered meal customer can choose if to claim the it in first round or second round. For sure, we need to show the boarding pass to claim.

After adjust my watch date time to Melbourne local time, I want to take a nap in this 7.5 hours flight, good night :) Melbourne, 'ayam kambing' :D

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