Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 1 Story 1) Arriving

After a nap, we claimed the food before touch down. We ordered one nasi lemak, and one western meal. One bottle of water was given of each pre-ordered meal. In general, I think the taste is okay, but the portion is a little small :p

The plane arrived earlier than expected time. But due to a passenger fall sick, the whole flight need to be hold off until certain medical condition check has completed. There were more than one plane touched down at the similar time. Every visitor must fill up the arrival card. I was really surprised that the arrival card was available in many languages: Thai, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysia Malay, Indonesia Malay, Vietnamese, and much more. In Malaysia, just adding non-Malay word to the road name sign board can cause so many issue. Sigh. When to catch up? 天与地比。

The immigration clearance queue was long. If not mistaken, we queued for at least half an hour. When we went to pick up luggage, we didn't manage to get all after waited for long. After some inquiry, only we realize some luggage were put on the floor due to the conveyor belt was too congested. Australia is very strict in custom especially food, wood or goods that bring bacteria or virus. Thus it was quite a long queue as well. When it was our turn, we told the officer we bring just packed biscuit, and he left us go without further checking. Well, we didn't lie :) Finally, the arrival hall.

The weather was just nice, spring time. We walked to pick up our rented car from Hertz. This is our travel partner, Toyota Yaris, quite a good car! If you were asked on the petrol options, I recommend to buy full and return full. Once get the car, for sure we should have take picture and video of the car condition, to avoid future argument.


Yi Yang 毅阳 said...

wow, one day one story? haha..
enjoy ur trip dear. :)

mk said...

hehe one or two day 1 story :p
it was an enjoyable trip :D thanks.

CmdrCASh said...

The western food in the picture doesn't look very western... :P

Did you drive any hook turns?

mk said...

haha the potato and chicken looks western :p
nope, either straight or left turn, no hook turn at all :)