Monday, November 8, 2010

Amazing Nibong Tebal trip (8) The making of prawn cracker

After we left the clay shop, we went to Sg Udang to visit a shop house on the making of prawn cracker.

The uncle share the process with us. Firstly, have to remove the prawn skin using machine. Then 'blend' the prawn meat with other prawn cracker ingredient. After that steamed the prawn cracker meat roll, as in picture below.

Next step is to dry it, then cut into thin pieces. Here is some of the fried prawn cracker. Uncle said he never add taste additives. I found it taste quite nice. Oh he also share with us that the sotong cracker found in the market usually is make using taste additive. The sotong price is so expensive, there won't be any cracker made using real sotong.

Uncle also make sweet potato cracker, which I think is nice too :p As you may have guess, yes I bought few home, for mother to fry in coming Chinese New Year. Prawn and sweet potato cracker is always one of the popular festive snack in my family.

The prawn cracker on the left is RM 11 per pack, the smaller size is RM 5.50 per pack. The sweet potato cracker is RM 7 per pack, I am not sure how much it cost for the smaller size packaging.

There are some photo on the wall, someone from TV station visited them. Sorry I cannot remember which and their name :p

Want to try some cracker? Visit my hometown during Chinese New Year :p

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ahnya said...

i heard about the prawn crackers from someone i know. may i have the address and directions to the place where i can buy the crackers? thanks