Sunday, November 28, 2010

Melbourne trip (Day 1 Story 3) Lunch at Hungry Jack's burger

On our way to Phillip Island, we stopped at Thompson Parkway, Cranbourne North for lunch and grocery. What, grocery? Mk are u settling down in Melbourne or you are just visiting? I am just visiting :) While traveling, if I am not traveling alone, I used to get some fruit to eat in the long driving journey, to stay hydrated and nourished.

We went to Woolworths to get some fruit. If you asked me if the raw material is expensive there, I would say, at their living standard, probably it is not. For example, navel orange is AUD 2.22 per kg, which is similar to the price we get in Malaysia. So, take more orange and apple at the exporting country, take more local fruit in Malaysia :)

After that, we went to Hungry Jack's (known as Burger King in Malaysia) for lunch.

When order the food, I am so new to Australia accent, and I guess probably the same for the staff to catch my Malaysia's. After he got to know we are from Malaysia, he looks 'That's why'. Probably it is not common to have foreign visitor like us there :p Luckily, if I cannot catch the accent, my sister will be able to. On the other hand, if I can catch their words, my sister won't be able to, so it is good for us, at least one is able to continue to communicate :) She told me she was lost in conversation when she pay me a visit in US last time, so she felt very comfortable with the English here. Okay, great, I can rest :p

Please be informed we need to pay GST when traveling in Australia. To request for GST redemption, you may google for details. For my 11 days visit, none of my bill fall allowed for redemption.

We need to pay 10% tax for the food.We ordered 1 set meal Whopper Jr and 1 Bacon Delux burger from ala-carte menu. It cost us AUD 11.10 in total.

Burger in western country always served with more vegetables. So I usually have less objection to go for fast food burger if I am in western country. The burger are nice but I still prefer beef in US better :) San Francisco In and Out burger, are you still as tasty as 7 years ago?

There is a small playground for kids. The kids are so cute, one of it came to say Hi when we passed by :) Cutie, all the best to you :)

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