Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2009-05-11 First day to work

It is very bright outside when I woke up on 5am. Yeah, it's end of spring and summer is coming.

Morning office hour traffic is pretty jam, especially at traffic light and freeway intersection. We met the colleague in office, most of them are friendly. I believe this is because IV is with us, or else the environment could be a bit awkward. We need to pick up their product knowledge and they will lose their job after this. I did ask myself many times before I came, if I am one of them, how would I feel? The answer is I will just complete the task assigned and find another job. After gone through the 2002 cycle, I realize this is not personal employee issue but economy trend. I can't change the economy trend, so better spend the time to find way to survive instead of complaining ;)

When you heard someone who stay in Beijing tell you "It's within walking distance", please be prepared that it could be around 15 minutes walk. People here get used to walk, instead of taking bus/taxi. And probably you can reach your destination faster especially during traffic jam! We walked to 三里屯 area 中八楼restaurant for dinner. Here we go:

This restaurant specialty is Yun Nan dishes. Again, from left-to-right, top-to-bottom.
1) The juice we ordered, red color Yun Nan 5-flower juice, green color orange juice with some I-don't-know-the-name herbs, white color rice wine. The rice wine is very nice, no alcoholic taste but nature sweetness and rice fragrant.
2) Minced meat with spice and green pea. 黑三剁 It taste a bit spicy, best to serve with rice.
3) Bamboo rice. Hmm, the rice is nice but can't really smell/taste bamboo :)
4) Stir-fried dry truffles. I like almost any kind of mushroom, so this is good experience for me.
5) The restaurant logo and chopstick. We need to pay the chopstick, it's RMB 1/pair.
6) Scallop and escargot in cheese. This is my second time taking escargot, I still think it has a very 'unique' taste :) While we flipping through the menu, we were surprised quite a number of dishes are cooked with cheese. Sometimes we thought we are in Italian restaurant instead of Yun Nan restaurant :p

The portion is not too big (compared to Beijing food portion), we ordered another white rice, at least to finish the minced meat.

As according to IV, Yun Nan is famous with wild vegetable dishes, including different kind of mushroom. We also see a dish is just fried leaf (I can't remember the leave name) . It reminded me of my last Kinabalu trip, which I can get fried leaf at the local store, which cost around RM 4 per pack only, compared to that which cost around RMB 20+ :p

After the dinner, we passed by 三里屯 on our way to 京客隆 department store ( 京客隆 department store is a local departmental store which sell groceries at reasonable price. ) 三里屯 is also called 簋街, famous of bar/restaurant. There are also few big shopping complex. We will definately visit this street again maybe on the weekend :)

We get some food e.g. biscuit. Of course I won't miss my favorite Chips Ahoy biscuit :) I was surprised that olive oil is very expensive here. RMB 90+ for 750ml only. In Penang, I can get similar at RM 30+ only. One thing to mention is the government is really urge for green environment, thus encouraging citizen to use shopping bag. I brought a shopping bag but it doesn't fit 3 persons' goods, thus we need a plastic bag. Guess what, that plastic bag cost RMB 0.30 each :O Well, probably this is the way to go, to 'educate' citizen to be more environmental friendly :)

It was 9.30pm when we reached apartment, we quickly go to gym center for steam-sauna, hopefully not too tired and has even better sleep after that (I know definitely I can sleep very well because I still felt tired haha) :)

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