Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arghh, what's inside the water?

Look at the picture below:

What is your first thought? Hmm, the water is dirty, who put in chalk dust?
Or you might probably know that Beijing water is hardwater, which sometimes give you some 'mineral' inside the water, which is the whitish thing in the water as shown above.

When I first see it, I was suspecting the water boiler is not good. But after checking the boiler in and out, it seems to be in good condition. Then found out from IV this is because Beijing water is hardwater, while we used to have softwater in Malaysia.

After spent few minutes google for hardwater information, most of the articles saying hardwater is safe to drink. But still, I usually do not finish all water in the cup but leave the whitish thing :)


Dash said...

I don't think we would like to drink water with "chalk" inside =) Too much minerals is also not good for the body.

mk said...

Agree. Study online but most comment said is not harmful. Anyway, we ordered drinking water too :)