Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009-05-14 No blue sky...

The temperature dropped to that when I was first arrived. Well, I enjoy such temperature, just a thin sweater will keep you warm (or slightly walk will has the same result also :) ) But the sky is no longer blue. It is very hazy, visibility is very low and very windy, strong wind.

After work, we went to Carrefour nearby office area. Before that, we went to 永和大王 for dinner. It is a local chain store, specialize in beef dishes. I don't have my camera around, so no picture to show. But it's okay not to look at the pictures, as the food is just so so :p

I was surprised the pail is very expensive, it cost RMB 20 for one normal pail :O And there are not much fresh vegetable available. I was really disappointed, I can't get ingredient for fruit/vege juice. An acceptable quality of tomato cost about RMB 2 each :O .

On the next day, got to know from local colleague that the departmental store usually won't refill vegetable/fruit to the counter after certain office hour. If would like to get fresh food, it's advisable to go morning market or go to departmental store in the morning, shopped for a week stock :) This is different from Malaysia, where office lady usually buy fruit/vegetable after office hour, and departmental store will always refill those at night also.

On Friday, we went out for lunch with the local team. The restaurant provides a cozy private room, and equipped with a couch, karaoke equipment with LCD TV, and attached restroom :) The dishes are quite delicious. The unforgettable are 酒酿丸子, black fungus dip with wasabi/soy sauce, lotus filled with sweet rice and pork rib. The soup base of 酒酿丸子 is made from fermented white rice. The alcohol taste is so light till you won't notice it at all, only some unique sweetness, and the fermented rice texture is very different :D

For friday dinner, we took Japanese cuisine at Chu Yun 出云, as it is so near to our apartment, and we were tired to walk far :p

1) Beef udon - normal shoyu soup base, but the udon noodle is very 'chewy', better than most of the soft udon noodle in Malaysia :) We don't know which one is more original compared to Japanese's, but we preferred the chewy type :)
2) Fish-roe handroll - The seaweed is good, haha :D the fish roe is too salty. Not forgot to mention, the wasabi here is much better than those of I'd ever tasted in Penang. Just a little you will feel like crying :D
3) Assorted sushi - It is pretty huge, this is the first time we experienced actual dish is larger than that in the display menu :D. It taste good with different kind of filling, we think it's hard to find in Malaysia.
4) Grilled squid - My favorite dish, and meet my expectation, with very little or almost no oil :)

Working here is more tiring than that of Penang, because of the long travel time I guess.

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