Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009-05-20 Lychee can caused heaty!

We bought some lychee. Guess what, I almost fall sick after ate those. I ate some on Sat evening. On the next day, I got sore throat and very tired. I did not know it is because of lychee and ate some on Sunday evening. Oh my god, I woke up by cough almost every hour on Sun night, and hence very poor sleep quality. Until today (Wed) only I felt revitalized, although still have some cough and sore throat.

According to local phamarcist and colleauge, and I did check online as well, lychee is a 'heaty' fruit. To take lychee, should have drink some salt water, or any other solution that can 'cool down' the body. The phamarcist shared a recipe, boil lychee skin with water, and drink the water. Unfortunately I threw away all skin, thus he recommended Pei Pa Gou, which apparently is helpful too.

Okay, I can write more today, since I felt better. Before I switch to work :)

After staying here for around a week, I agree with IV's opinion that local Chinese people talk very loudly. Well, it is so noticable. In the restaurant, I can hear nearby converstation very clearly although I didn't quite understand because of their slang. In the office, I can hear someone's phone conversation very clearly even though his cubicle is at least six cubicle seperated away. In the bus, I can hear someone speaking on the phone sharing her holiday plan with her friend. Well I am just wondering the meeting room here better be good in sound isolation, especially if the meeting discussion topic is confidential ;)

I always walk with tissue paper covering my nose, to 'filter' the dust, and also smoke. The smokers smoke everywhere, in the public, in the air-cond restaurant, luckily not in the office. If you ever see someone covered her nose even though she is in a bus, that could be me ;)

Beijing food are mostly stronger in taste. Today we have something light in taste.

From bottom right, counter clockwise:
1) Very tasty lamb. It doesn't has the 'special' smell/taste that we found in Malaysia.
2) Quite nice thin crust pizza.
3) Cherry tomato and cheese appetizer.
4) Olio spaghetti. I am a bit disappointed about this. The oil doesn't taste like olive oil, the spaghetti is too soft.

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