Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Dumpling Festival

Tomorrow is dumpling festival端午节. It will be public holiday starting from Thu till Sat, and Sunday will be working day :)

Dumpling can be seen everywhere these few days. In company cafeteria lunch today, each dine-in employee was given a dumpling. As for the apartment we stayed, it distribute free dumpling for residents too :) The flavor I seen common thus far is red bean paste filling dumpling. 3 other flavors 八宝,jujube and meat are also available for apartment's.

I am attaching a normal napkin tissue pack for your reference, the dumpling here is small and long compared to those we have in Malaysia :)

The lower right corner dumpling is given by cafeteria.

Happy dumpling festival :) 端午节快乐,每天都要快快乐乐。


sock peng said...


Dash said...

So good, can get free dumpling everywhere in China =) Happy Dumpling Festival to you too!

mk said...

I wish to pay some for fresh salty dumpling, missed my mum's dumpling :D