Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2009-05-12 3rd day in Beijing

Am I consider lucky? I can get blue sky in Beijing, although it is only 'light-blue', but my last trip to Beijing in 2007 with all 10-days grey and hazy sky really make me felt happy with today's blue sky :) And it's rare to have clouds in Beijing sky, but we saw one on our way back after work. Yes, only one cloud but it make me felt so excited haha :) Appreciate what you have before it's too late :) I can still recall Penang and US nice blue sky.

It is getting hotter today. Could it because of the blue sky? Less haze in the air, thus more direct and brighter sunlight :p

I started to figure out why I felt tired starting from 3pm. The humidity level is really low here. I can overcome the skin problem by apply more lotion. But unfortunately my eye cannot stand, it will become very dry eventually, then make me feel tired. I wish I can slowly adapt to it, without using any eye drop solution. Well, if it doesn't get better, I better get some eye moisturizer eye drop next week to protect my eyes ;( Because of the low humidity, I need to drink a lot of water, easily more than 3l, I hope that is considered normal, or else I can feel skin and lip will be very dry. Sigh... If you see me become 人干 when I return to Malaysia, you know why :)

Another reason could be the lighting. The office lighting are mostly sunlight tube, which is yellowish. I don't feel comfortable to work under such sunlight. It was the same situation during my stay in US about 7 years ago. I can stand with white sunlight but not too yellowish-sunlight lighting. Hmm, I don't think I can request the workplace services to change the light tube solely for me, hope my eyes can adapt to it soon :)

Today had 龙抄手 for lunch in company cafeteria. 抄手 is actually wan tan 云吞 :) It's a Sichuan dish, with the soup is a little bit spicy. Since I grew up in Malaysia, I can still stand with the spice. Most of the local will think that is too hot/spicy for them.

For dinner, we dine at 客家园 near apartment. The hakka dishes are quite nice, and not too costly. In fact, surprised to know Yeong Tau Foo is one of hakka dish also haha.

Starting from top left corner, clock-wise:
1) Abalone sauce fried rice in lotus leaf. Quite nice. The rice texture here taste like thailand fragrant rice.
2) Yeong Tau Fu. Well, it is similar to Malaysia Yeong Tau Fu. But the sauce is different, not really what is the sauce name and ingredient :p
3) 3-cup duck 三杯鸭。 The duck is a bit 'fat', the taste is different from the 3-cup chicken we used to take in Malaysia.
4) Stir fried lotus with vegetables. Quite nice in 南乳 sauce.

The other dishes look tempting also, we will definitely come back again since the food is quite nice and the restaurant is nearby to the apartment we stay :)

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