Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009-05-20 Jam

Read from a newspaper article that Beijing traffic logistic facility can't take more car as per today situation. I agree with that, it is pretty jam during office hour.

We walked to dinner at 一碗香拉面, which is probably faster than those who get caught jam.

We dine in a local beef noodle shop. From left to right:
1) Quite tasty pea. If you notice the brown color small round pepper, that is called 花椒, which is widely used in 麻辣 dishes especially in Si Chuan dishes. This is the ingredient that make the tongue numb. I will buy some back to Malaysia, if I can ;)
2) Beef noodle soup. It smell good, but just too salty. Beijing food is just strong in taste especially too salty.
3) Grill lamb and chicken wing. This is different from Malaysia Satay. It was grill with some herbs, which taste pretty nice as well :)


Anonymous said...

work hard
play hard

mk said...

Yes. And die hard.
Just kidding :D