Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009-05-17 Localizing

Because of IV (as he had live here for about a year), we are localizing to Beijing grass root life, get to know more about their culture.
Nearby the apartment there is a park called Tuan Jie lake park . The sky was hazy, but a bit warm especially after you walked for a while. It surprised me that there are actually a lot of activities going on in this lake park.

From bottom to top, right to left :)

1) A group of senior practicing sword and tai chi.
2) Creative sign board, simple translation will be "Watch your step, and the return would be green field".
3) The entrance. Entry is FOC.
4) Very greenish, well maintaned park.
There were a few different group of senior practicing sword, tai chi, 踢毽子, write caligraphy, dancing, chit-chatting in the park. Also you will see a lot of family gathering here, e.g. parents teach kid how to play some of the local game, how to write caligraphy, how to skate, how to dance. Oh, there is a open-air ballroom, I guess the group is practicing ballroom dance, which is very enjoyable even just look at them practicing it happily :) I will consider to jog here if possible :D Probably SH can consider to bring a radio here and started his cardio fit class too :D

Look at the caligraphy writing below :)

This is my first time seeing such caligrapy pen. It's using plain water (no wonder there are few Dulux pails filled with water on the floor), write it on the floor and it will get dry after a while, so environment friendly 'ink' :D Looked at the writing, from my perspective, those writing are very good!
KH the fan of tree skin pattern, I am not sure if you saw this kind of tree before, pictures below are captured for you :)

After lunch, we walked to a complex, which took about 30 min. On our way, we passed by a street which they have 'pasar pagi' (morning market) here at the roadside (Most of the stalls are closed after lunch, we got to know from IV). No wonder in the morning, I saw so many housewives brought along vegetables and fruits passed by the Tuan Jie lake park.

This time let's do a counterclock wise from top left corner:
1) A book retailer center near to the complex. I can spend more my day here in the future :D
2) Street view outside of Park No 5.
3) City view.
4) Jing Ke Long grocery store.
The vegetables in Jing Ke Long are still fresh, and much more choices, compared to night time. i will definitely grab this opportunity to buy fruit/vege juice ingredient, and try local vegetables.
On our way back to apartment, we discovered a market. It is exactly like the 'pasar' (market) in Malaysia. I believe the price here is much cheaper than that of departmental store e.g. Jing Ke Long and Carrefour. This is because the brocolli below only cost us RMB 1.50! The breadstick cost RMB2 for around 9 sticks. But unfortunately no official receipt will be given in such market place :(

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