Sunday, May 24, 2009

2009-05-23 Lama Temple 雍和宫

The sky is blue today, so it's time to walk around before it get too hot on Jun and Jul.

I'd decided to visit Lama Temple 雍和宫, which I did not have the chance to visit during my Beijing trip 2 years ago. We took MRT, and it costs only RMB 2, although the travel time is closed to 1 hour, including line transit. It is 150m from the MRT station. Well, please google for 'lecture information' about this temple :D

The temple is not very big. I got what I want in 1.5 hours. Before we spend RMB25 to enter the temple, we see a few incense stall on our way. There are a lot of people pray inside the temple. There are few varieties of incense here, and the way they light the incense is kind of interesting too, refer to picture below:

In one of the building, reside a 26 meters height statute which is carved out of a single white sandalwood tree.

Photo and recording are not allowed inside all building, hence I am not able to show you the whole statute but only the bottom part. I can't imagine how big is the tree :)

Outside some of the building there were bell as below. Make it spin in clockwise direction :)

More pic in

We took a local shanghai food chain store 一品一笼 for lunch.

Top left: Dessert, not so nice.
Top bottom: Fungus and bamboo shoot soup, it will be nice if it doesn't has ajinomoto :)
Center: Shang Hai dumpling. I personally felt this is nice, at least nicer than Dragon-i's.
Top right: Onion noodle 葱油拌面, normal.
Top bottom: 雪菜肉丝面, normal.

After walk around Xi Dan 西单, we departed home. We visited 华威, pacific store, joy city. Just window shopping, to survey on the price only. If it is not departmental store which the price are fixed, most prices are very high, and requires very good bargain skills. This make me lazy to add few more clothes into my closet :)

After rest at home for a while after a tiring morning/afternoon, we took bus to nearby places for dinner at 云之南。 It's Yun Nan dish.

Top center: Fried wild vegetable 洋瓜尖, it's tasty and special :D
Top right: Homemade rice wine, RMB 5/cup. I like the taste, not alcoholic :)
Middle left: A cold dish, wrapped vegetables using 青笋, tasty too.
Middle right: Few type of mushroom soup, the taste is okay.
Bottom left: Fried chicken with chessnut, taste okay, but very few meat, mostly bone :p
Bottm right: Pineapple rice. Guess what, it's sticky rice inside the pineapple. If you ever tasted sticky rice with mango, you can imagine this taste :)

See you.

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