Friday, May 29, 2009

2009-05-28 San Li Tun 三里屯

Today is Dumpling Festival, we decided to dine out at this 一坐一忘丽江主题餐厅

Oh yes, it's Yun Nan's dishes again :) Seems like recently we just have fate with Yun Nan's dishes.

The restaurant is nicely decorated. Look at the calendar at top right corner, interesting isn't it.

Let's use co-ordinate system, assuming bottom left as (0,0)
(0, 2) Grilled Talipia fish - Surprisingly very less bone. Very fresh and nice, no wonder so many people recommend it at
(0, 1) Milky cheese wrap red bean paste - Special.
(1, 1) Free dumpling from the restaurant (-L- free dumpling again :p ) - Not much taste, sweet rice with peanut.
(1, 2) Sautee egg with jasmine bud - Special :) we can make it ourselves if can find jasmine bud :)
(2, 2) 冲腾大救驾 similar to Kuey Tiao but in square pieces, a bit sour and spicy.
(2, 1) Small beancurd with ham - Didn't really taste the ham :p

Since we are at San Li Tun area, we walked to San Li Tun 簋街 after the dinner.

It's a famous hang out area, similar to KL Bukit Bintang. Frankly, here is more impressive than Bukit Bintang :p

Building here is more 'artistic', not as squarish as Malaysia's building. And most of the store are decorated innovatively. While window shop, you will enjoy the interior design as well :)


Dash said...

The calendar and wall decorations look like hieroglypic writings =) Nice. In your food photos, how come don't have (0,0) =)?

mk said...

Yup, most of the Yun Nan restaurant we visited here are nicely decorated :D
I actually thought about the (0,0) and then lazy to rearrange the pic, so no photo for (0,0) this time :)