Monday, November 9, 2009

Built-in wardrobe door hinges

Have you ever pay attention to your house built-in wardrobe door hinges? I never did until some of them broken after few years, as shown in picture below.

When I take that hinges to shop to buy a replacement, the seller said he never seen hinges with cement. He was wondering my house owner get lower quality product. But anyway if you have any built-in wardrobe work in the future, it is good to verify the hinges, at least get one similar to the one below which in theory will last longer.


BH said...

I got mine at rm1 a piece!

mk said...

Wow very good deal, I remembered I bought it around RM 1.50+. Where you bought it

custom hotel furniture said...

Thanks for the picture in closeup of the hinge...sometimes a wrong fitting could spoil the look and built of the furniture.