Friday, November 27, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 1 - 2 doubts on blood test (2)

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How to determine human body organ functionality is getting better or worst

We get clean water from tap, while used water goes in drain. It is very clear cut. We will never want to get dirty used water from tap. Human body blood circulation system differs from our life water drainage system in such a way of 'circulation'. Blood inside human body is being circulated and re-used a lot of time. Blood come from artery is clean, while that in vein is used. Used blood will then go to liver and kidney for cleansing, then lung to remove the carbon dioxide, becoming clean blood again.

If there are more garbage inside human blood, usually there are two possibilities. Firstly, related cleansing organ e.g. liver functionality reduce, detoxification ability dropped. Secondly, related cleaning organ functionality increased, detoxification ability increase, and thus more garbage inside the blood, this is analogue to yearly house cleaning where there will be more garbage than usual.

Let's take another example. In our house piping, most furring stick on the pipe wall, only very little will be found inside the water, and thus the water flow out from the pipe is clean. But when we clean the pipe, the stick furring will then goes into the water, and thus the water is not clean nor clear.

These scenarios happened inside human body. If someone always busy, his body functionality dropped, detoxification ability dropped, most of the garbage will stay and stay within a particular organ but not in the blood. Now, the blood test result will usually looks good. But when he got the chance to take rest, the Blood Qi level will increased, and thus organ functionality and detoxification ability. Blood will carry the garbage to cleansing organ, then outside of the body through phlegm, urine, sweat and etc. Now, the blood test result will usually looks bad, which then the current modern medication will categorize someone having symptom of sickness.In this example, the blood test result doesn't give any indication that if his body is working toward healthier way or the opposite direction. So it doesn't sounds logic to use these test figure to determine someone health situation is getting better or worst.

Current modern medication is to have all test figures to go back to 'normal' range value, and thus subsequent medication. Well, these medication sometimes could stop the body self-repairing functionality, which bring worsen effect to human body.

From these two doubts on blood test, in conclusion, most chronic diseases is not curable, mostly is because of the wrong direction of method of cure/medication.

Human body is a very complicated biological and chemical organization. It is a living chemical factory where its chemical formula will always changed according to the body situation. All medication test figures should be able to tell if a human body is becoming better or worst, and the necessary step to improve body health. There are still lots of room for improvement in current medication and test methods, or else current modern medication will continue to stuck in the bottleneck.

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