Thursday, November 12, 2009

My first solar car

I recently volunteer in a company after school event. Oh don't get me wrong, I am not studying. The after school event is organized by company, for primary school pupils. The purpose of that is to nurture science and engineering knowledge in next generation. In addition, to work on a greener environment decided this year theme: Build a solar car model.

Before we teach the pupil to do it, trainer had to attend a short training session to learn up. This is the solar car I built :D

Figure below is from top view. The red arrow is the solar panel.

The car from side view. When it is under strong sunshine, the solar panel will generate electricity which turn on the motor, then move the car from the rubber band connecting the pulley and wheel. Simple mechanism. To make your car better, it requires more attention on the wheel alignment so it run straight. Most of the pupils car run in circular direction that day ;)

Let's be greener, everyone :D


**Shih Nyien** said...

Is it working?? can move under the sun?

Gaik Ling said...

This is very interesting and fun :)

mk said...

Yup, it is working. It move almost immediately and quite fast under strong sunshine.

Before the actual event day, I was having fun like a small kid getting new toy when tried it out under the sun ;) Luckily there were a few of us tried together, or else other employees will think I am crazy playing car at company lobby fountain area :p

It will move under strong spot light ray also.

Anonymous said...

how make solar panel

This is the first time I’ve read about this. I keep learning new things everyday!

mk said...

Hope you enjoy it Anonymous :)

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