Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fresh vanilla

Thanks to WY for helping to buy fresh vanilla from Bali :) I like the aroma so much. It just smell good even though I have not cut it to take out the seed. She get it from Ubud market, RM 18 (IDR 30000) for 2 packets like below.

Unfortunately, due to my lazyness, the bean is spoilt now, sigh. Here is the story. Right after I get it, I wish to make some dish using it like 'agar-agar', red bean soup and etc using vanilla bean and vanilla seed. Due to some reason, I keep postponing it and keep it in fridge. I did some study online and mentioned that it should not be keep inside fridge but air tight container at shaded place. I was thinking maybe 2 weeks will be okay but after that, the nice aroma gone and the smell is a bit strange.

Anyone going to Bali again? Please let me know :)

Some tips, to take out the seed, just cut the vanilla bean along the long edge, and use knife/spoon to scrape the seed. Youtube on some video demonstration. After that, the bean can be reuse multiple times like that of cinammon, as long as you dry it and keep it in air tight container. I seldom eat sugar, if not I will keep the bean with the sugar, to add aroma to the sugar :D

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