Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coffee Lane 咖啡坊, Penang

Congratulations in completed Chapter 1 of The User's Manual For Human Body (If you read it :p ) Let's have some food for today :D

If you love coffee, can consider to go to Coffee Lane at Georgetown Penang.

A few different type of coffee making apparatus.

Recommended by the shop owner Terry, I ordered a syphon coffee of Lavazza coffee bean. Here is the equipment to make syphon coffee.

First, heat the water.

Then, stir the upper cup which contains coffee powder. I am not sure if need to do anything extra, the water will be sucked into the upper cup. After the mixture is ready, the coffee will flow into the bottom container, leaving the coffee powder on top.

The ready syphon Lavazza coffee at the right hand side, coffee ice cream at the middle, and drip coffee at the left. I like black coffee, including this Lavazza bean. The aroma is good, and creamy. Yes, although I didn't add creamer, I felt it is creamy which Terry said it is suppose to be :D Oh it taste better when it is still warm. The coffee ice cream taste good too, cold sweet ice cream inside hot bitter coffee :) There are few more type of coffee bean available, tell Terry what kind of coffee taste you like, and he will make one for you :) You can try Luwak coffee at RM 50 per cup ;)

We ordered nasi lemak, the rice is very nice. For the herbal mee sua soup, the mee sua texture is quite special, not so soft. Terry said the mee sua is bought from Seremban.

Oh forgot the price, syphon coffee is RM 7, drip coffee is RM 5.80, ice cream coffee is RM 8.50. Both nasi lemak and herbal mee sua soup is RM 8.90.

Before the rest arrived, Terry play us 潘越云 hokkien song, this is my first time hearing her hokkien song :D and then Zee Avi, a malaysia singer. I am amazed by Zee Avi :D

You may refer to map below on the location.

The shop contact information:
Terry Beh
Coffee Lane
10-B King Street, Georgetown, 10200 Penang.
Tel: 604-2610625


**Shih Nyien** said...

I want to go :D

sock peng said...

me too
thanks ur recommendation

mk said...

SN, we will have the chance, Jul or earlier ;)

SP, maybe we can go there for next gathering :D Oh still lots of place to go like anabelle place (if i remember the spelling correctly :p)

Anonymous said...

Very good syphoned coffee. A place to recommend!

Anonymous said...

Very good syphoned coffee. A place to recommend!

mk said...

I like the ice cream coffee too :D