Sunday, November 22, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 1 - 3 current modern medication phenomenon

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1. Since polio can be cure by Sabin vaccine, it has been about 40 years we have not heard any good news that disease can be cured.

2. Except some external cut disease and some infectious disease, most of the chronic diseases e.g. diabetic, high blood pressure, uremia and different kind of cancer are only controllable, but not curable.

3. Technology evolve all these while, and there are noble price winner every year, INDICATING some disease MIGHT BE curable ONE DAY. For so many years, there is no solid solution yet.

These 3 phenomenon indicates that recent centuries modern medication is not able to cure chronic diseases. The bottleneck is not only not able to find new medicine, but it could be the medication philosophy and logic, or the research direction is incorrect.

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