Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 1 - Inspiration from a computer (2)

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Human body is perfect than Computer

Current computer come with self-diagnose and self-repair function. When God [MK: Or whoever The One that you believe in] design human body, it has even better functionality.

Computer requires certain condition of energy supply to function, e.g. supply voltage of 110V. Similarly, human body also requires certain energy supply level to function well. When the energy level drop to certain level, regeneration ability and organization ability will drop. When it drop to even lower level, self-repair ability will not in place. If it drop further, then cleansing ability, immune ability and other ability will missed it functionality gradually.

Technology evolved, and thus human living habit changed. These changes directly/indirectly cause shallow/deep impact to human health. For example, changes in sleeping habit might impact our body self-repair cycle time. Moreover, we are using those symptom-curing medication to fight the disease, these might also have negative impact on our body health. These problems could reduce human body energy level, and thus loosing health gradually.

If we use a computer rationally according to its user's manual, the computer will function well for the period that it should. Similarly, if we 'use' our human body rationally, human body will work by itself. Even though a person fall sick, the repair function will work and then recover, provided there is sufficient energy.

We believe human body is designed much more better than that of a computer. [MK: I agree, God (or The One) design is always better than human design ;) ] In order to stay healthy, we just need to follow the user's manual of human body, it is that simple. I hope this user's manual for human body will help all of you.

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