Friday, November 20, 2009

UMHB: Introduction - Chinese Medicine Analogue to Information Technology (2)

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Software is a very special product, because it is the first product that it cannot be physically seen using human eye. If one doesn’t understand the existence of software, but directly diagnose using computer hardware, it has no way to proof that software exist! Human body function is way more complicated than a computer system. Analogue to information technology, human body isn't just a pure 'hardware' but there are 'software' inside too. Lots of the idea and knowledge of TCM cound be similar to the concept of 'software', which cannot be explained from just hardware diagnosis.

Well, human body is a complicated system but its production is just simple, a man and a female. But a human body maintenance could be complicated. A doctor need to spend at least 7 years in university study, then few years practical only can become a good doctor. Even that, there are lots of disease that the famous doctor can't cure.

After I spend few years in studying TCM, I learned that incorrect health perception will create unhealthy living habit, and thus improper way in handling disease, which reduce human body Blood Qi. (血气) [血气 Blood Qi comprises of two word, Blood and Qi level. There will be more description about this Blood Qi in later chapter. I translated this to Blood Qi instead of Chinese spelling Xie Qi because I think Blood Qi is easier to be understandable than Xie Qi. Blood Gas doesn't sounds right if I just would like to direct translate word by word :) ] Different declining level of Blood Qi will resulted in different kind of disease. In other words, a lot of chronic diseases are the results of wrong usage of the human body.

There are lot of chronic diseases which has no cure solution yet, but there are also lots of hope in finding new medicine to cure them. This solution approach and research direction doesn't sounds practical. Maintain appropriate healthy life style, handle disease in proper way, increase body Blood Qi level, so that human repair and regeneration system will work, is a better way for human fight chronic diseases.


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