Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home made black soy juice yogurt 2

I did the yogurt again. This time I put 6 full spoon of black soy powder to prepare the juice, and the output is thick, and less sour. Not really sure if the sour taste has anything to do with the soy juice thickness or not. Anyway, will try few more times and hopefully will get more idea then ;)

The yogurt I used. As usual, click on picture for clearer version :)

The black soy powder.


**Shih Nyien** said...

Do you stir the yogurt to mix well with the soy milk? I can see there is a big chunk of white white natural yogurt, hehe. I think the thickness of the soy milk have impact too, let me also try mine. And hoh I found nestle yogurt here, I think I will try that also. Will share with u later :D

mk said...

Oh I didn't stir :p
Great. I will try Dutch Lady yogurt after finish the Nestle one.